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Public speaking is more than just saying words. It is about the very essence of your presence from the moment you are seen, heard, or even energetically perceived. Become a dynamic, confident, and charismatic speaker, whether you are preparing for a keynote address, a business presentation, a job/promotion interview, or to enable new opportunities in life!

Programs incorporate honing strategic messaging, training and coaching from an ontological perspective, and techniques/practices used by actors/performers. Individual and group programs available. Sessions in person or via video conferencing. 

Presentation Skills from the Inside Out

Develop the presence in voice and body to complement your purpose, your natural personality, your unique style, and the capability to convey your message through being your best self. Compelling presentations are about connecting with your audience with authenticity, confidence, competence, and a clear message.  

Areas of Learning Include:


Call to Action/Offer

Breathing/Managing Energy 


Authentic Connection 


Audience Interaction

Story Telling

Rehearsal Process


Voice Support/Care/Projection





Video recording of practice sessions and performances is strongly recommended.


Board/Investors Meetings



Professional Associations

Company Conventions


Job/Career Interviews

Inspirational Programs

Beginners to Advanced. Fear welcomed!

What would change if you had the voice, purpose, and confidence to "take the stage"?


Under Robin’s tutelage, I quickly went from being extremely uncomfortable speaking in front of larger groups, to being the company’s spokesperson and motivating speaker at employee meetings. It was an incredible experience for me to become a different person or maybe the person I had always been inside. I was promoted to CEO and I know Robin was instrumental in helping me achieve such.

—Wendy Shusko, CEO, Pharmaceutical Industry