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Robin Fernandez

Coaching - Training:

Stage Presence - Speaking

Leadership Development

Team Building/Assessments

Grow as a Leader - Shine as a Speaker - Build as a Team

Leadership Development

Leadership Development - coaching, training

Grow as a leader or manager by cultivating self-awareness, clarity of vision, confidence, communication excellence, and emotional agility. Develop vital skills in conflict resolution, stress management, and enabling change.

Stage Presence

Stage Presence - Public Speaking - coaching, Presentation skills training

From beginners through advanced, develop your public speaking, presentation skills, and ability to command an audience. Create rapport, manage nerves, direct energy, and authentically express your passion and purpose.

Team Building

Team Building - coaching, training

Maximize the effectiveness of your executive and sales teams with superiority in communication and emotional intelligence. Build relationships, enhance performance, coordination of action, and bottom-line results.

Assessment Tools

Assessment Tools - DISC, coaching, training, hiring

Jump-Start coaching, training, and hiring initiatives by integrating powerful, EEOC compliant, assessment tools: DISC, Motivators, Sales Skills, EQ, 360s, Conflict Dynamics, Job Benchmarking, etc.

Emotional Intelligence-Wellness

Emotional Intelligence - Leader Wellness -communication, coaching, training

Advance emotional intelligence and promote total wellness to give leaders and teams a winning edge in effectiveness, performance, health, and well-being in work and personal life.

Keynote Speaking

Robin Fernandez, Nature of Being, coach, trainer, consultant, speaker

Invite Coach Robin to inspire, educate, and motivate your leaders, teams, and organization with her “CEO Focus.” Provoke self-observation and other crucial soft skills for personal and professional transformation!


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