Team Building

Team Building - Nature of Being - coaching and training

Build a Dynamic Team with a C E O Focus

Empower your team with Communication, Emotional Intelligence, and Observation. Generate shared purpose and language, coordination of action, managing and keeping commitments, building and sustaining trust, and understanding how moods/emotions affect the team in supporting or hindering goals and results. 

Being a Better Team

Encourage a culture of ongoing team connectiveness through interactive workshops that include exercises, movement, and facilitated conversation that apply learning to job functions and desired outcomes. With the power of ontological coaching distinctions, provide your team with new tools and practices that improve efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, attitudes, motivation, and result in a high-performance dynamic team.  


Executive Teams

Your leaders and managers are the drivers who frame, and ideally inspire, the vision, culture, tone, and ultimately the possibilities of trust and success for the organization. Training in communication, emotional intelligence, and observation of self and others for “the top” layer of the organization is key and imperative for achieving all levels of desirable outcomes.

Sales Teams

For existing and new salespeople, this focus builds awareness and practice in customizing communication language and styles to suit different customers/prospects, facilitating connection, ascertaining sales skills, and increasing sales/customer retention. Sales skills conversations brings awareness and development in the seven areas of sales: prospecting, first impression, qualifying, demonstration, influence, and closing. Practice authenticity in creating and communicating your unique value proposition that distinguishes you and your company.

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Assessment Tools

Assessments are powerful tools that enhance leadership development, build dynamic teams, increase awareness of self/others, promote effective communication, and cultivate the crucial skills of managing emotions, stress, and change. Experience enhanced performance; improved leadership, sales, management, and customer service; motivation awareness; increased ROI and bottom-line results.

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Robin has provided training to our Managing Committee as it relates to  team building and personal growth. It is my responsibility to make certain that our team is functioning as one unit and understand what each other's goals are. By working with Robin, our team was better able to understand how to work in tandem and help each other reach personal and professional goals. —General Manager, Hyatt Regency

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