Leadership Development

C E O Focus

Emotional Intelligence

These commanding triple-threat skills create a platform of total communication excellence, trust, purposeful actions, and profound new results. Development of these crucial soft skills facilitates and enables leader and manager success.

Executive/Leadership Presence

For existing and emerging-next generation leaders, “how do you show up as a leader”? This focus enables self-awareness, clarity of vision and direction, excellence in communication including public speaking/presentation skills, confidence, total body presence, managing overwhelm and stress, and championing change. Ensure authentic alignment of leaders in voice, body, and purpose, with the company's vision and desired outcomes.

Being a Better Manager

Focusing on developing key elements inherent in being a successful manager can elevate your organization to new levels of competency and achievement. Generate awareness of self and others, determine desired managerial traits and practices, boost confidence, uncover and shift stress responses, build trust as managers and cultivate trust in your teams.   

Career Development - Career Coaching

For individual or corporate job placement and career coaching, this focus applies job benchmarking conversations and cutting-edge assessments statistically proven to increase the percentage of matching “the right person in the right job.” From new hires to succession planning and exiting leaders, purposeful job placement greatly reduces angst to job candidates, costs to organizations, and increases the productivity and morale/motivation of employees after hiring.

Assessment Tools

Assessments are powerful tools that enhance leadership development, increase awareness of self/others, promote effective communication, and cultivate the crucial skills of managing emotions, stress, and change. Experience enhanced performance, improved leadership and management, motivation awareness, increased ROI, and bottom-line results.


With most of my adult life being centered around the military, I had very little need for interview experience until very recently. After a few short months with Robin, I walked out of an interview that I knew I nailed and to my pleasant surprise was offered the position. Robin is an invaluable asset for a variety of needs. Her pleasant, bubbly demeanor is infectious and her swift adeptness on honing in on her clients is unparalleled. So glad to have had the opportunity to work with her. 

—K.H., Charlotte County Government