C E O Focus - Awareness in Being - New Results in Doing!

Communication: Generate great, compelling conversations effectively, efficiently, with shared purpose, and authentic care.

Emotional Intelligence: Manage emotions, positively connect, empathize, defuse conflict, transform stress, and enable change.

Observation: Promote the essential skill of awareness and perception of self and others, with intention to learn, shift behavior, and develop habits to enable new actions and transformational results. 

These commanding triple-threat skills create a platform of total communication excellence, trust, purposeful actions, and profound new results.

Leadership Presence

For existing and emerging-next generation leaders, “how do you show up as a leader”? This leadership development focus enables self-awareness, clarity of vision and direction, excellence in communication including public speaking-presentation skills, confidence, total-body executive presence, transforming stress/conflict, and championing change.  

Being a Better Manager

This training program focuses on key elements inherent in being a successful manager. Generate awareness of self and others, determine desired managerial traits and practices, uncover and shift stress responses, build trust as managers and cultivate trust in your teams.

Being a Better Team

From executive teams to customer service, this team building focus creates high-performance, effective communication, coordination of action, clarity of purpose and desired outcomes, accountability, and connection to motivation.

Sales Communications Skills

For existing and new salespeople, this sales training program builds awareness and practice in customizing communication language and style to suit different customers/prospects, facilitating authenticity and connection, ascertaining sales skills, and increasing sales/customer retention.

Conflict Resolution

For individuals, teams, and entire organizations, this focus helps participants gain understanding and skills in the strategic management of organizational conflict. Reduce the costs of conflict, learn successful conflict conversations, practice conflict resolution strategies, and build a system for more effective mediation.