Assessment Tools

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Assessments are powerful tools that enhance leadership development, build dynamic teams, increase awareness of self/others, support hiring decisions (matching the job to the right person), and succession planning. Promote excellence in communication, support conflict resolution, and cultivate the crucial skills of managing emotions, stress, and change.


With statistically valid, EEOC compliant, cutting-edge survey tools, and the coaching/training to apply the wealth of information, you will experience enhanced performance; improved leadership, sales, management, and customer service; motivation awareness; increased ROI and bottom-line results.

DISC (Executive, Management-Staff, Sales)

Is an essential business-industry standard in leadership and team development that catapults understanding observable behavior and communication styles of self and others — the HOW you do what you do.

Motivators-Driving Forces

Uncovers WHY you do what you do, building awareness in underlying values that motivate you, your staff, clients, and prospects to take action (or inaction). 


Assists in managing/developing a career by viewing a person’s hierarchy of 25 personal skills. Identifying areas of needed further development is key to their success, reaching goals, and contributing to superior performance.

Job Benchmarking

Helps avoid the financial and timely cost of a bad hire. Incorporate “if the job could speak” techniques that help match the “right” candidates’ qualities with the desired expectations-outcomes for jobs in your organization.

Assessments Tools (cont.)

Assessments Tools, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict, OD, 360s, Stress

Conflict Dynamics Profile:

Gives insights, builds awareness, and offers solutions to an individual’s tendencies in responding to conflict in three areas: constructive responses, destructive responses, and responses to “hot buttons.”  

Sales Skills Index

Targets professional sales growth by identifying strengths and weaknesses in seven categories of sales strategy: prospecting, first impression, qualifying, demonstration, influence, closing, and general sales knowledge. Develop tailored coaching, build confidence, effectively close sales opportunities, and maximize profitability.

Emotional Quotient

Measures your ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions. Make better decisions, understand your customers, and facilitate high levels of collaboration and productivity. 

360-Personal Performance Survey

Allow respondents to provide valuable feedback regarding the personal effectiveness of a person’s performance. Results can be used in developing individuals in key positions, which is crucial to the ongoing success of an organization. 

Organizational Development/Cultural-Employee Surveys

Are vital diagnostic tools to determine how the organization can improve or modify its culture to achieve employee and customer satisfaction. OD survey templates are fully customizable for ease of use and maximizing data gathering.

Workplace Stress Quotient

Reveals underlying stressors in seven areas that can limit organizations, hamper productivity, crush culture, and inflate medical costs. Indexes include: demands, effort/reward balance, control, organizational change, manager/supervisor, social support, and job security.

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